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A Distinctive Flower

Lotus tea is made from the lotus plant. The lotus plant is native to India and Vietnam and a few other countries in South and Southeast Asia. What sets this plant apart from the rest is the very noticeable flower that blooms on the plant. The lotus plant is an aquatic perennial plant meaning that this plant grows every year and where it grows is in the water. The flower that grows is pink in color and the flower rests on a circular pod. This plant serves two purposes. It can be used decoratively or this plant can be made into tea and used as an herbal remedy.

For people who are very fond of the lotus plant, this plant has been known to be grown in water gardens all over the world. The lotus plant gives these gardens a unique look as well as enhanced beauty. The smell of the plant is nice as well. For people who want to use the plant for herbal and medicinal purposes, there is lotus tea available. There are many reasons why a person would want to include the lotus tea in their diet and many of those reasons have to do with improving the body overall.

To make lotus tea, the process is very simple. Two teaspoons of the dried lotus flower is placed into 500 mL of water. The preferred method of drinking the tea is with the water being warmed but it is up to the person on how they prefer to drink their tea. The number one effect that lotus tea has is a calming effect on anyone who drinks the tea. The calming effect is subtle but enough to take the edge off after a hard day. The calming effect will last for awhile but will not be a permanent change.

Other effects that can be felt from lotus tea have to do with bleeding and gastrointestinal problems. This tea will help to relieve any issues dealing with bloating and diarrhea. If this tea is consumed on a regular basis, the tea will help to rid the body of these ailments from happening as frequently. If the tea consumption were to be stopped, the body would revert back to its original form and the bloating and diarrhea will come back. Lotus tea also helps with menstrual flow and reduces that amount of blood that is lost during each cycle that occurs every month.

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